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  • MellowSonic

    27. August 2020 um 00:25

    Ahh nice. Das könnte hier sehr viel werden. Aber ich nenne mal die wichtigsten Titel, die heute noch liebend gerne Zocke 🙂 Sonic (SMD), Starwing/ Starfox 64/Assault (Snes/N64/GC), Mariokart (Snes/N64/GC), Donkey Kong (Snes), Extreme G/2/XGRA (N64/PC/Ps2), F-Zero Series (Snes/N64/GC), Wipeout Series (Ps/Ps2/Ps3), Rollcage/2/Grip (PC), Need for Speed Series (PC), Burnout Series (Ps2), Motorstorm Series (Ps3), Incoming (PC), Unreal & Unreal Tournament Series (PC), System Shock 2 (PC), Quake 3 Arena (PC), Worms Series (PC), Command & Conquer Series (PC), Nightmare Creatures/2 (PC/PSX), Knights of the Temple (PC), Tekken Series (Ps2/Ps3/PC), God of War Series (Ps2/Ps3), Tomb Raider Series (PC), Ratchet and Clank Series (Ps2/Ps3), Mirror’s Edge (PC), Halo: The Master Chief Collection (PC), Mass Effect/2,3 (PC), Doom (PC), Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Mankind Divided (PC), Ace Combat Series (Ps/Ps2/PC).